Hi there,

my name is Ida Ebkes and I'm fond of public libraries, Zettelkästen (including the World Wide Web), Open source, Open standard, UNIX, Python, ZOPE and Plone.

I've written some Plone-addons, you can find them in the cheeseshop, their names always start with "adi", or have a look at this overview.

As plone.org advices users to go to StackOverflow for any questions, I've also registered there.

I have a GitHub-account to occasionally share some code and browse through the exciting ideas of other people.

When I began to plone, I made notes for myself and published some of them, just in case someone was looking for the same info, I couldn't easily find. I keep them as an archive, for reference.

Since some years I donate a monthly small amount of money to avaaz.org, for doing an awesome work on making change happen, check it out. I also sign regularly petitions at change.org.

Have a great day/night, you're awesome! (because, we all are)

Best, Ida